Are you looking for the best marketing options for your Custom Shop?

No two industries or markets are the same. We specialize in only working with custom shops because we believe that we can bring the results our clients need by knowing this industry better than any other marketing company.

Like your cars and bikes, each city has a different layout and problems or issues. We will go in and do the research to figure out what is hot in your area, what are the best keywords, and what marketing tactics are going to bring you the leads and clients you are looking for.

Being that custom shops are such competitive industries, marketing is critical to the business and what is going to make your custom shop stand apart from your competitors. Think about it this way, people who need to get their ride pimped, head to the internet FIRST to look for a company.

How do they decide which custom shop to call?

  1. Your online presence defines your market presence
  2. Having reviews on Google, Yelp, and the BBB
  3. Having a well-developed and optimized website that converts visitors into leads, and into clients
  4. Being on the first page of their Google

Good news is we have a book that lays out our exact strategies so that you can excel at 1-4 above.  Here is a link where you can download it for free.

The other good news… we don’t just call our self the experts for no reason.  We have proven strategies for everything above so that your custom shop is getting consistent leads and making even more profit.

We’ve have worked with all different sized businesses, and whatever your niche is in the market, we can help you to meet your goals. The only thing is we only work with ONE COMPANY in each city.

Online Marketing for Custom Shops marketing solutions

We offer a full suite of marketing solutions, including:

  • Market Strategies

We build in location-based searches and other natural market assets to create a seamless, easy to manage market plan with a highly adaptable SEO/SEM framework for all your services. We use performance-based analysis to ensure your social media presence is up to date and responsive to market needs.

still has its place in today’s online world. We base our email marketing on information values and a clear understanding of the needs of the recipients.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    and Search Engine Marketing –Our SEO and SEM services use highly advanced metrics and accurate evaluations to maximize the value of everything you do online. Our SEO and SEM operations are very effective in building market visibility and exposure for your custom shop initiatives.

  • Pay Per Click

    We offer a full range of advertising options designed to deliver returns in your market. Our advertising services include pay-per-click (PPC) and other options.

  • Google My Business

    This is key to being found on the internet. We can set up your profile and optimize it for Google using your specific keywords. Google My Business is how you show up in the maps, is a creditable backlink to your website and is another place your contact info can be found.

  • Website Design

    A good website is a great marketing tool. We can deliver a fully optimized, market-ready website to help you manage all your custom shop website needs. We can also assist with web content issues, market-ready materials, and back-end setup for your site.

  • Social Media Marketing

    We provide a full suite of social media marketing options, tailored for Facebook, Twitter, and the other big social media sites.

  • Online Reputation Marketing

    This is critical to your custom shop. It proves you have credentials and consistent customer satisfaction. We have a proven system of getting reviews on all the major sites like Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and more.

  • We work for our clients, not their competitors

    We maintain a high standard of ethical business conduct at all times. We won’t work for competitors in your market.

  • Online Traffic

    Online traffic needs to be fully oriented to business needs, delivering real customers and real business. Our online marketing focuses on delivering relevant traffic and motivated customers who need your services to your website and business.

How we work

We work with our clients, using their knowledge, to identify strong marketing options and target the business’s needs. We create for you a high-value market plan, playing to the strengths of their businesses, focusing on delivering the best business values.

Talk to us about your marketing needs.

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