America’s Best Shops Podcast is your cutting edge show to keep you up to date on what’s working today for Custom Car, Truck, RV and Motorcycle Shops. In this episode of America’s Best Shops we sit down with Seth Gortenburg, who is the Owner of Bratt Brother Custom Cars and Trucks near Kansas City, MO.

 Here is their story: My passion has always been cars and trucks. I founded an aftermarket truck company, Chux Trux in 1991. Over the years, it grew to 4 locations and 39 people before selling to Transamerican Auto Parts in 2019. We lifted/lowered over 15000 vehicles during that time. 

Along the way, we built many award winning Restomods for ourselves winning multiple World of Wheels, Goodguys and other best in class awards. Those cars and trucks have been featured in many magazines. 

I started Bratt Brothers to follow that passion for custom cars and trucks. I believe just about any car or truck can be customized and fun to drive. My personal favorites are GM X-frames, C10’s, 3100’s, Apache’s, any muscle car, etc. You get the idea. I pretty much like them all. I’m a partner in another company, Defco Trucks, which is a conversion company specializing in late model pickups. I haven’t abandoned my love for trucks and since I have many years of lifting and lowering, adding wheels/tires, etc., we will be offering those services as well.

 Our focus at Bratt Brothers is helping people get the most enjoyment possible out of vintage cars and trucks by making them easy to drive and dependable. We try to work within all budgets but will not compromise safety or produce work we aren’t proud of. Whether you need a simple repair, a technology upgrade or a ground up build, we’ll do a great job at a reasonable price. You can reach them at: