Aggressive Marketing Works. What are You Waiting For?

Aggressive Marketing Works. What are You Waiting For?

Does your custom shop need aggressive marketing strategies? Is it time to step into the ring and go after the target market that you want? If you’re tired of being passive and watching the competition succeed where you are not, it’s time then. The actual concept of “Marketing” has existed in the United States as far back as the beginning of the 1800’s.  The form and practices have changed drastically since, but it is essentially the same thing. It is convincing those seeking your products or services to use YOUR company, as opposed to your competitor. “Aggressive Marketing” is simply what it says. Marketing in an aggressive manner to get your company name and branding in front of customers and keep it there. Going out of your way to make sure yours is the first business that people think of when they need your services. It is GOING AFTER BUSINESS as opposed to being passive and hope that they stumble across you or that their friends send them your way, hoping that you won’t have to spend any money to get your business name out there. Do not confuse Aggressive Marketing with “hard-sell” techniques. Customers detest that strategy and will never be return customers. They will often give you negative reviews and bad word-of-mouth when businesses use the “hard-sell” technique. That is more like strong arming and bullying. Business owners must be willing to take risks to become successful. And, yes, some of that risk is in the form of spending money to make money. There are not very many successful businesses that didn’t have to spend some money on making their business attractive or on advertising. This is 2020 (the age of online marketing) and it’s going to be hard to build any SUCCESSFUL business on word of mouth alone.

Where Do I Start?

The first two things you need to focus on are having a professional and optimized website and getting positive reviews from your customers.

Why is My Website so Important?

If you want potential customers to see that you offer professional services or products, you must do so when they are first directed to your website. If your website is outdated, clunky and unattractive they will just leave yours and go to another. Right there, you have LOST them. Investing wisely in a professionally designed and optimized website is the best choice most business owners and managers can make. However, many people get stubborn because they think they must spend huge amounts of money to do this. That is simply not true. The best web design companies will offer a decent discount on the website itself it the business signs a maintenance contract, as well. By signing a maintenance contract, you are assured that your website will be kept up to date, secure and optimized. It enables the web design company to keep an eye on maintenance issues, like plug ins and backups. By doing so you never have to hit the panic button because your website is down for some reason. And – if your website goes down, you then have to call the company that designed it and stand in line to get it fixed. Suffice to say, your website is the foundation of your business and you must treat it as such. For a more in-depth look at our website design services, you can click the link below.

How Does My Business Get More Positive Reviews from Customers?

This one is easy. The only way to get a lot of good reviews is to take excellent care of your customers and then ASK them for a review! Of course, you can do this without software, but it truly is more difficult and more time consuming. Our clients love our Positive Client Reviews Software. We handle the set up and then all you, the business, do is click a button to ask the customer to give your business a review. The beauty of it is that if a customer has something negative to say, it gives you a chance to address the problem before you have a bad review pop up, bringing your rating down. We call this Online Reputation Marketing. Reviews have become a huge deciding factor for customers choosing a company to give their business to.  Positive Client Review software is affordable and reliable. It simply does not make sense to not invest in something that can bring so much of a cash return in the form of new business. To look further into the Positive Client Reviews software just click the link below.

What are You Waiting For?

This is the big question. What EXACTLY are you waiting for to take your business to the level you desire? Are you waiting until you have more money? Regardless of what your reasons are, the fact remains that you are WAITING. Reasons become excuses quickly. And this is not proactive, let alone aggressive. When you have decided to take action to make your company more successful, we are here to help you. Simply fill out a form on our website: Or call us at: 303-993-0911