America’s Best Shops Podcast Episode 1

America’s Best Shops Podcast is your cutting edge show to keep you up to date on what’s working today for Custom Car, Truck, RV and Motorcycle Shops.

In this episode of America’s Best Shops Podcast we sit down with the Co-Owner of A + Auto Glass Craig Feddersen. He explains the strategies he and his partner Stan have used for 30 years to achieve the success that they have. A+ Auto Glass is located in Aurora, Colorado near Iliff and Buckley. 

They are your one stop shop for auto glass repair and replacement. Whether you have a crack in the windshield, need scratch removal, or headlight restoration – they can get it taken care of quickly! Their friendly and knowledgeable staff can get your vehicle into the shop for your repairs today! Or, you can take advantage of their mobile service and they can come to you at your home or work in the Denver CO and Aurora CO areas!

Contact A+ Auto Glass here:

Internet Marketing for Custom RV Shops

Internet Marketing for Custom RV Shops

Marketing your business online is an important part of running a successful RV shop. Not everyone in the population area needs or wants your services, so it’s crucial to understand how to best make yourself heard outside of what you’re already doing locally.

Why is Online Marketing Important in Today’s World?

The days of putting an ad in the local paper or depending on good “referral” marketing are over, for most businesses. We’re not saying you should give up all your efforts to advertise locally; it just doesn’t really matter anymore! Most potential clients these days search online before they buy anything and they look at online reviews and do some research online first. A large majority of people look at their phones and laptops/PCs when shopping around.

Understanding Internet Marketing – Important Factors

The most important factors in modern-day marketing are not only the quality of your product or service, but also how well you market yourself online. There’s no point to having an exceptional business if nobody knows about it!
It’s crucial for every company these days to have a website that looks professional and drives traffic straight into their site from search engines such as Google by ranking high on SERPS (search engine result pages). This way potential customers can find what they’re looking for quickly with minimal effort. This also will increase conversion rates significantly if someone finds your website, see’s your level of professionalism and gain’s trust in your business.
If you specialize in custom RV work, then your keywords should be focused on those types of searches. Keywords such as RV customization and/or motorhome custom work are good starting points for SEO before optimizing each page with these important key words.
Maintaining high rankings means staying up-to-date on what Google wants from its own algorithm so that when people search for “customized RV” or anything else similar they will find your website at the top!

Building Good Relationships with Your Online Marketing

With internet marketing, you can build relationships with customers and potential clients by staying connected in low-cost ways. For example social media or blogging are two simple methods for RV shops to do this effectively without breaking the bank! Content is king when it comes down to how quickly your business grows – providing good content will always make sure that you will be fresh on people’s minds.

Other Marketing Services We Offer

We don’t just handle website design, optimization and SEO for your RV shop. There are many different services that we provide. Many successful businesses mix and match according to their specific needs – after they have laid the foundation with the most important items (Website and SEO).
  • Reputation Marketing with our Positive Client Reviews Software
  • PPC – Pay Per Click Ads
  • Google My Business
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Marketing
You don’t need to be fancy or spend a fortune in order get more customers. We offer free strategy sessions so that you can find out what is working for other companies and make sure your marketing efforts are on track!
We are here when you’re ready. Call (303) 993-0911

Facebook Ad Objectives for Custom Car Shops Explained

If you own a custom car or motorcycle shop, you should advertise with Facebook Ads. It is cost-effective and, if you do it right, it will help your business to grow. Social Media is the hottest platform to promote your business.

This can be easier said than done!

The issue is that while Facebook ads are effective, a lot of shop owners don’t know which objectives to choose for their ads. Choosing the wrong objective may lead to a low return on your investment and the feeling that you’ve wasted money.

With that in mind, here’s my rundown of Facebook ad objectives to help you understand which objective makes the most sense for your business.

What are the Available Ad Objectives on Facebook? 

When you create an ad for your business on Facebook, you can choose from 11 objectives divided into three categories: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Let’s review them.

Brand Awareness: These ads generally do not get a high click-through rate because their objective is to make people aware of your brand. They are best used as the first step in a campaign to attract new customers.

Reach: If you want to get your ad in front of as many people in your target audience as possible, this is the objective to choose. Here again, you may not get a ton of engagement, but you will be sure that your ad appears in your target audience’s feed.

Traffic: Traffic ads are designed to direct more traffic to the URL you choose, usually a link on your website. Facebook tracks only the number of people who click on your links, meaning that you’ll need to track conversions separately.

Engagement: On Facebook, engagement means likes, comments, and shares. If you want to get more people to engage with your content, this is the ad objective you should choose.

App Installs: This one’s self-explanatory. If you’ve got an app to sell or promote, chose App Installs as your objective. Most custom shops don’t have apps, but you never know what’s next in this day and age!

Video Views: Have a video to promote? Choose the Video Views objective to get more people to watch your video. This objective is ideal for product demo and explainer videos.

Lead Generation: If you’ve got a great lead magnet to promote, the Lead Generation objective is ideal because it allows the people who see your ad to opt in and get your lead magnet without leaving Facebook.

Messages: Message ads are designed to get more people in your target audience to message your business on Facebook. They can be useful if you want to initiate conversations, answer questions, and nurture leads.

Conversions: If your goal is to get more people to take a specific action, such as adding an item to their cart, buying a product, or RSVPing to an event, this is the ad objective to choose on Facebook. It works best when targeted to people who are already familiar with your brand.

Catalog Sales: Another ad objective that may be effective when targeted to people who already know your brand is the Catalog Sales objective. You can use it to connect Facebook with your product catalog and display individual products to your audience.

Shop Visits: All custom vehicle or motorcycle shops and businesses have a brick-and-mortar shop. This ad objective can help you entice more local customers to visit your store. To use it, you’ll need to make sure that your business location(s) are accurate in your Business Manager.

You should think first about which objective you want to achieve. Then, choose the ad objective that will help you get there.

Which Facebook Ad Objective is Right for Your Custom Shop?

Now, let’s talk about which Facebook ad objectives make the most sense for local businesses. Some simply are not good choices if you’ve got a small audience to target.

Let Me Explain…….

Brand Awareness is a good objective, particularly if you feel like your competitors have more brand recognition than you do or if you haven’t been in business for long. You should make sure that the ad you create is a compelling representation of your brand, including your brand’s personality, voice, and ethics.

Unless you have a large audience, the Reach objective is probably not ideal. The goal for that objective is to reach as many people as possible. Most small, local businesses should steer clear of this objective.

Traffic can be a good objective for small businesses who want to get more people to visit their websites. However, you should make sure that you have a well-designed landing page before you spend any money on traffic. You need to give people a reason to stay on your website once they click the link. I cannot stress the importance of a professional and optimized website enough!

I also really like the Store Visits ad objective for local businesses. It’s arguably the most highly focused ad objective available. The key if you decide to use it is to make sure your location information is up-to-date. You’ll also need to target the ad to people who live within a small radius of your store. There’s no point in spending money to reach people who aren’t within easy distance.

If you have an online store for accessories and parts, then the Catalog Sales objective may be useful as well. It can help you show off your most popular products and get them in front of an audience. Again, targeting is going to be important. You should use this ad objective with an audience already familiar with your brand for the best results.

The Messages objective may be right for your company if you feel that you need one-on-one contact with customers to overcome their buying objections. However, you should only use this objective if you’re ready to monitor your messages and respond promptly when people write to you. A slow response time can undo any good you do with the ad itself. You may want to consider installing a chatbot in Facebook Messenger to send an immediate response.

Visiting your Facebook Ads Manager page will give you additional information and guidance as you create your ad. Remember, the ad objective you choose should be carefully selected to align with your business’s growth objectives for the best results.

Remember that Custom Shops Marketing offers a free phone consultation. If you need help understanding or facilitating your Facebook Ads to get the most bang for your buck, don’t hesitate to Book a Consultation with me.

I wish you great success!

ADA Compliance for Your Custom Shop Website

ADA compliance for your website is extremely important to those with disabilities. Most people do not think much about using the internet because they are able to see, hear and use their hands to type or move the mouse or cursor. It just comes naturally and without difficulty.

However, there are millions of people out there with disabilities of some sort that are not able to access websites because they are not ADA compliant. ADA means Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. It is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability.

People with disabilities have the right to participate in the same things that others do, including surfing the internet. ADA compliance for your website refers to the ADA standard for Accessible Design. This means that all electronic and information technology (like websites) must be accessible to people with disabilities.

More and more companies are getting lawsuits filed against them for not being ADA compliant. Obviously, the time has come for this topic to be addressed.

Custom Shops Marketing can make your website ADA compliant and keep it that way with maintenance. This will provide compliance for the following:

    • WCAG 2.1 (refers to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
    • Section 508 (Requiring Federal Agencies to make their ICT accessible for everyone)
    • EN 301549 (Guidelines for European Standard for Digital Accessibility)

These are complex, but you can be confident we will meet all the requirements necessary to protect your business from a lawsuit. At the same time, it enables more potential customers to browse your website.

To discuss pricing and set-up, just contact us at 303-993-0911 or email us at:

You can also click on the Contact Us Area on our website:

Aggressive Marketing Works. What are You Waiting For?

Does your custom shop need aggressive marketing strategies? Is it time to step into the ring and go after the target market that you want? If you’re tired of being passive and watching the competition succeed where you are not, it’s time then.

The actual concept of “Marketing” has existed in the United States as far back as the beginning of the 1800’s.  The form and practices have changed drastically since, but it is essentially the same thing. It is convincing those seeking your products or services to use YOUR company, as opposed to your competitor.

“Aggressive Marketing” is simply what it says. Marketing in an aggressive manner to get your company name and branding in front of customers and keep it there. Going out of your way to make sure yours is the first business that people think of when they need your services.

It is GOING AFTER BUSINESS as opposed to being passive and hope that they stumble across you or that their friends send them your way, hoping that you won’t have to spend any money to get your business name out there.

Do not confuse Aggressive Marketing with “hard-sell” techniques. Customers detest that strategy and will never be return customers. They will often give you negative reviews and bad word-of-mouth when businesses use the “hard-sell” technique. That is more like strong arming and bullying.

Business owners must be willing to take risks to become successful. And, yes, some of that risk is in the form of spending money to make money. There are not very many successful businesses that didn’t have to spend some money on making their business attractive or on advertising. This is 2020 (the age of online marketing) and it’s going to be hard to build any SUCCESSFUL business on word of mouth alone.

Where Do I Start?

The first two things you need to focus on are having a professional and optimized website and getting positive reviews from your customers.

Why is My Website so Important?

If you want potential customers to see that you offer professional services or products, you must do so when they are first directed to your website. If your website is outdated, clunky and unattractive they will just leave yours and go to another. Right there, you have LOST them.

Investing wisely in a professionally designed and optimized website is the best choice most business owners and managers can make. However, many people get stubborn because they think they must spend huge amounts of money to do this. That is simply not true.

The best web design companies will offer a decent discount on the website itself it the business signs a maintenance contract, as well. By signing a maintenance contract, you are assured that your website will be kept up to date, secure and optimized. It enables the web design company to keep an eye on maintenance issues, like plug ins and backups.

By doing so you never have to hit the panic button because your website is down for some reason. And – if your website goes down, you then have to call the company that designed it and stand in line to get it fixed.

Suffice to say, your website is the foundation of your business and you must treat it as such. For a more in-depth look at our website design services, you can click the link below.

How Does My Business Get More Positive Reviews from Customers?

This one is easy. The only way to get a lot of good reviews is to take excellent care of your customers and then ASK them for a review!

Of course, you can do this without software, but it truly is more difficult and more time consuming. Our clients love our Positive Client Reviews Software. We handle the set up and then all you, the business, do is click a button to ask the customer to give your business a review.

The beauty of it is that if a customer has something negative to say, it gives you a chance to address the problem before you have a bad review pop up, bringing your rating down.

We call this Online Reputation Marketing. Reviews have become a huge deciding factor for customers choosing a company to give their business to.  Positive Client Review software is affordable and reliable. It simply does not make sense to not invest in something that can bring so much of a cash return in the form of new business.

To look further into the Positive Client Reviews software just click the link below.

What are You Waiting For?

This is the big question. What EXACTLY are you waiting for to take your business to the level you desire? Are you waiting until you have more money?

Regardless of what your reasons are, the fact remains that you are WAITING. Reasons become excuses quickly. And this is not proactive, let alone aggressive.

When you have decided to take action to make your company more successful, we are here to help you.

Simply fill out a form on our website:

Or call us at: 303-993-0911

Help Your Custom Shop Dominate on Google Searches with Positive Client Reviews

At Custom Shops Marketing, we understand the importance of Positive Client Reviews software. This software will help any custom auto or motorcycle shop dominate on Google searches. Today, everything begins with a search online, and your company’s ratings and reviews are one of the largest contributors to how well you rank in a local search.

Having more positive reviews not only increases your natural rankings in both mobile and desktop search, but it can also guarantee placement in the local search listings that appear above the results.

Plus, new reviews are great for SEO because they provide fresh, keyword rich, valuable content for your website, which Google takes into consideration when ranking your website.

Positive Client Reviews is our own review management software. We can set it up for you and show you how to use it to increase the amount of good reviews you have.

Get Positive Client Reviews on Demand

Prompt your very satisfied customers to share feedback to the sites that matter to you, then you can publish those reviews on any site you manage — like your social media pages, website, or blog. This amplifies your happy client’s voices across the web and turns those customers into advocates, all while building your online reputation!

Manage Each of Your Reviews in Real Time

You can easily listen and respond to what your customers are saying about you in real-time and manage negative customer reviews before problems escalate – all from the easy-to-use dashboard. If a customer indicates a less-than-positive experience, their review is flagged and sent to you privately, so that you can resolve the issue ASAP. Positive feedback will be sent straight to a review site that matters to you, like Google or Facebook, where they can easily leave a 5-star review.

Email Automation for Your Customers

Positive Client Reviews can also import your contacts and manage email campaigns for you. This is an extremely handy and fast tool to get word out to your customers about special offers or news you want to share such as industry events.

We Handle the Set-Up for You and Train You to Use the Dashboard

Set up is provided for you free of charge with your paid subscription to Positive Client Reviews. This includes users, employees, and we connect your profiles for you. When this is finished, we give you a brief training and are also available if technical issues arise.

Why Not Give Positive Client Reviews a Try?

To find out more about setting up your own Positive Client Reviews dashboard, simply call us at 303-993-0911. You can also email us at: We will go over the pricing structure with you. We can get some information from you and get started on setting up your own account right away. Cheers!

Your Custom Shop “Bounce Back to Success” Blueprint

It is important for your custom shop to have a blueprint to “Bounce Back” to success after the events that have basically crippled most of our country economically since early March. By Custom Shop, we mean any business that provides custom services in the automobile or motorcycle industry, but our strategies are certainly not limited to those types of businesses.

This webinar can help any business owner going forward. Now is time to kick your shop’s success into high gear. Join us to learn the exact strategy to “Bounce Back” after the uncertainty!

Now more than ever it is time to focus on how to bring more consistent business into your shop.

Our “Bounce Back” Webinar will help any shop owner get back on track if they are struggling!

The reality is that some shops have been impacted severely by the Pandemic, while others managed to stay extremely busy or even had too much work to do. Situations vary due to the number of employees available to work, and the types of services or products they provide and if they were lucky enough to be called “essential”.

There are so many variables and each custom shop or business had their own set of circumstances to deal with. The important thing to know is that people are still spending money. They still need and want your services and products. They simply need you to reach out them and let them know you are open for business and that you WANT their business!

The topics in the webinar include:

• Online Marketing wins you can start using today
• Social Media on Steroids
• Video Marketing Domination
• Direct Mail Home Runs
• Many Other Useful Tips

Why Not Take Advantage of Marketing Expertise at No Charge?

Online Marketing strategies can be confusing, and to some people it is simply overwhelming. We have the proven track record to help your shop as we have helped others. We want to share what we know to help you get back on track and stay there going forward.

Please sign up for the webinar in advance so we can make sure that you get a reminder.
Webinar is scheduled for 12:30 PM Mountain Standard Time on May 21st, 2020.

Here is the link to get you signed up:

If you cannot be available for the webinar itself, you will be able to view it later at your convenience. You can always reach out with questions or if you need advice. 303-993-0911 or

Hey Google: Should Your Custom Auto Shop Take Voice Search Serious?

Voice search isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’s more prevalent than ever before and that’s not going to change. The latest stats show that by 2020, at least 50% of all searches will be voice searches.

Even more surprising is this nugget of information. Digital transformation leader Gartner anticipates that in the same time frame, 30% of all searches will be screenless, as well. Screenless searches most often involve digital assistants such as Alexa, Cortana, and Siri. Experts anticipate that the voice speaker market will exceed $30 billion by 2024.

Put these facts together and we can draw one, inevitable conclusion:

Companies that fail to optimize for voice search now will lose business to companies that embrace the trend.

So… what do you need to know about voice search right now? How can you optimize your site to ensure that you’re grabbing your share of voice traffic? Here’s what you need to know.

What Are the Differences between Traditional Search and Voice Search?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that voice search is just traditional search with a new name. It’s not. There are some key differences in the way people seek out information when they’re speaking aloud, and you’ve got to understand them to capitalize on the voice search trend.

Here are the main differences:

    • Voice search uses long-tail keywords. If you were looking for a product before voice search, you might simply type what you were looking for into Google and peruse a list of results. With voice search, you’re likely to ask a very specific question about where you can find the product in your area. Short keywords (also known as head keywords) aren’t going to help you in voice search.
    • Voice search answers questions. If someone is looking for the best automobile custom paint shop in Chicago, they’re not going to say “Chicago auto paint” to Siri. They’ll likely frame their query as a question: What’s the best place to get a custom paint job on my auto? Your content must answer the questions that are most likely to lead people to your business.
    • Voice search allows consumers to bypass intermediate steps. Traditional searches offer searchers a list of results which they can then filter. In voice search, the questions themselves act as filters and may allow a user to skip the filtering and jump directly into buying a product.
    • Voice search only provides one answer. Traditional search queries return pages of potential websites for you to choose from. By contrast, ask Cortana where to buy your favorite brand of shoes and she’ll give you one answer and one answer only.
    • Voice search is intent-focused. That means that people ask Siri or Cortana specific questions that have an intent – whether it’s to go out to eat, buy a product, or find a service.

What you should take from this is that voice search is intensely competitive and highly specific. It’s not enough to throw a few short keywords on a page and call it a day. Voice search optimization must be intentional and thoughtful.

Choosing Voice Search Keywords

Voice search optimization starts with keyword selection. You know you’ve got to focus on long-tail keywords, but which ones?

A good place to start is with Google’s new-ish “People Also Ask” feature. When you Google a keyword associated with your business, you’ll see a box just below the top result or two with a list of similar questions that people ask. You can use those to help you optimize your page.

Another way to choose your voice search questions is to look at the FAQ on your website and on your competitors’ sites. The questions that people access most frequently are likely to be ones that will bring a lot of traffic to your site.

Considering the intent of the questions you choose is essential, as well. Remember, voice searches are always asked with a specific intent. The user wants to find a product or business, or they’re seeking an experience, or they want help with a problem. If you keep their intent in mind, then you’re likely to do a good job attracting voice traffic.

Of course, your questions should still incorporate your local keywords. For example, say you own an automobile pin-striping service in Minneapolis. Here are some examples of voice queries you could use:

    • What’s the best auto pin-striping service in Minneapolis?
    • What is the best Minneapolis auto pin-striping place?
    • Where can I get my auto pinstriped in Minneapolis?

You get the idea. You want to incorporate your long-standing keywords into questions and use those as the inspiration for your content.

Tips for Optimizing for Voice Search 

You understand why voice search is so important – now it’s time to do something about it. After you’ve chosen some key questions to answer, here’s what to do.

    • Build a conversational interface. Your new, voice-optimized content needs to answer search queries as specifically as possible to bring people as deep into your sales funnel as possible. This process takes time and skill.
    • Focus heavily on localization. Most local businesses rely on local customers and they’re likely to incorporate place names into their voice search queries. You should answer their queries as specifically as possible while making sure that your business information is properly indexed. That way, people who need to find you will be able to find you.
    • Use Schema markup on your pages. Proper Schema markup will ensure that search engines such as Google will be able to properly index your page and return it as a result for voice searches.

Perhaps the most important reason to start optimizing for voice search now is to stay ahead of Google’s algorithm. If you were one of the companies whose ranking took a hit after Mobilegeddon, you know how devastating it can be to get caught lagging behind a search trend.

Voice search is here to stay. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to jump aboard the bandwagon now, while there’s still time.  You’ll get a leg up on your laggy competitors – and reap the rewards in the form of a thriving business.

Get the Most Out of a Facebook Business Page for Your Custom Auto Shop

Does your custom auto or motorcycle shop already have a Facebook Business Page? If you don’t, you should – in fact, setting one up should be the very next thing you do after reading this article.

Why? Facebook has more than 2 billion active monthly users. Regardless of where your business is located or what you sell, the chances are excellent that a solid majority of your customers and potential customers have Facebook accounts.

The issue that keeps coming up is that many of the local businesses that have Facebook pages aren’t making the most of them. They might look okay on the surface but, in short, they’re not getting the job done.

Fortunately, there are some easy fixes you can make to turn your Facebook page into a powerhouse. Here’s what you need to know.

Choose a Recognizable Profile Picture

Your profile pic is the first thing most people will see when they visit your page to view your content. That means it’s got to be clear and easy to recognize.

The most obvious option is to use either your company logo or your picture for your profile. The former makes sense if you have a business with a recognizable logo or one where people don’t automatically associate you with your business.

Use a photograph if you’re a freelancer or the kind of business owner who’s front and center of every transaction.

Either way, make sure your profile pic is the right size. You can find the details in Facebook’s guide, here.

Add a Compelling Cover Photo

Your cover photo takes up more space on your Facebook Business Page than anything else. For that reason, it’s got to be compelling and professional.

A lot of custom auto and motorcycle shops use an image of one of the jobs or customizations, that they are the proudest of, as a cover photo. Some use a group photo of their staff – something that makes sense for a service-oriented business. Retailers tend to use a photograph of the outside of their business, as a reference to make it easier to recognize.

Again, make sure to use the proper dimensions for your photographs.

Minimize Admin Access to Your Page

You’re busy and it might be tempting to give an employee access to your Facebook page, so they can post content while you handle other aspects of your business. There’s nothing wrong with that – until there is.

If you decide to delegate social media responsibilities to employees, make sure that you:

    •      Provide proper training about the type of content to be posted, your social media strategy, and the “voice” you want to use in your posts
    •      Make the parameters of their responsibilities clear
    •      Lay out the process for dealing with negative comments and complaints
    •      Limit access to one or two trusted employees at most. You can change your Page Access settings by clicking Settings > Page Roles.


Add a Call to Action Button 

You know that your social media posts and emails all need a call to action at the end that tells people what to do next. The same is true of your Facebook Business Page.

In recent years, Facebook has added Call to Action Buttons for Business Pages. The button appears on the right side of your Facebook Business Page just underneath your cover photo. Some of the options available include:

    •       Call Now
    •       Book Now
    •       Learn More
    •       Watch Video
    •       Sign Up

Choose the CTA button that is most suited to your Facebook marketing goals. You can add it by clicking the “Add Button” button on your Facebook Business Page. If you already have a CTA button and want to change it, you can do it by hovering over the button until the “Edit Button” option appears. Click it and you’ll be able to select a new button for your page.

Don’t Neglect Your “About” Section 

The “About” section of your Facebook Business Page is VITAL to your page’s success. People will click “About” to learn more about your business. If you don’t provide them with the information they need, they may decide not to follow you.

You should make sure to at least include your full business name, address, telephone number, hours, and the URL of your website. You should also consider optimizing the section that’s most likely to sell people on your business. For example, you might:

    •       Provide a detailed company history
    •       Explain your key services genesis and uses
    •       Share your mission statement and company values

It’s also a good idea to add some company milestones to your profile, including your founding date, the launch of a new location or product, and key anniversaries.

Check Your Metrics  

One of the most common Facebook marketing mistakes is failing to use the free tools that you get when you sign up for a Facebook Business Page. You might not know it, but Facebook Insights provides a ton of useful information about the people who follow your page and what they want to see.

The best way to use Facebook Insights is to track your engagement. I recommend focusing on:

    •       The times of day most people see your posts
    •       The kinds of content that get the most engagement

For example, you might look at Facebook Insights and discover that more people read your posts between 9 AM and noon on weekdays than at any other time. You might also discover that your video content is leaving other content types in the dust.

Using that information, you can then create a content strategy that will allow you to get the maximum organic reach for your content.

Promote Your Content

Increasingly, Facebook has tweaked its algorithm to prioritize personal content and minimize the reach of businesses. They say it’s because it is what users want, but it’s also a way for them to maximize their ad revenue.

Either way, the only way to be sure that your content is seen by your followers is to promote it. I don’t recommend doing that with everything you post. But, if you’re sharing something important – like an event or a new product/service launch – it makes sense to drop a bit of money and promote your content.

Facebook marketing is like anything else – you get out of it what you put into it. Your Facebook Business Page is where it all starts. Use the tips in this blog to get the most from your page and turn your Facebook marketing into the powerhouse it should be.

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