8 Smart Ways to Power Your Custom Auto Shop Marketing with Automation

Your Custom Auto Shop marketing will benefit from automation. Before automation was possible, people had to do everything by hand. It took a long time – and once we realized that we could automate repetitive tasks, we never looked back. So, the question I have for you about automating your Custom Shop is a simple one: What are you waiting for? The numbers don’t lie. Here’s what we know about automation:

 60% of all occupations could save 30% of their time with automation
 It’s estimated that the average CEO spends 20% of their time on tasks that could be automated
 Businesses lose an estimated 20% to 30% of their profits due to inefficient processes.

You can see that there’s time (and money) to be saved with automation. Here are 8 ways to power your Custom Shop with automation – and boost your bottom line.

#1: Marketing Emails
This one’s obvious, but I’m always shocked at how many Custom Shops don’t have an active email list. Since one of the biggest excuses business owners make is a lack of time – and believe me, I get it – there’s no excuse not to embrace email automation. The beauty of email automation is that it’s truly a “set it and forget it” proposition when it comes to new subscribers. Unless you make major changes in your business, your introductory email sequence will work for years. And adding new emails is a snap.

#2: Lead Nurturing
Lead nurturing only works if it’s consistent. You can easily use automation to streamline your lead nurturing process and ensure that nobody falls through the cracks.
For example, automation can:
 Remind you to make phone calls
 Make a record of your outgoing phone calls
 Send automated emails to follow up on voice mails
You’re busy and you might miss something if you try to handle your lead nurturing without automation. With the right tools, you can automate most of the process and turn more of your leads into paying customers.

#3: Repeat Sales
Many Custom Shops have customers that do business with them on a regular basis. If you have customers who give you their business regularly, it’s essential to stay on top of those jobs and send reminders as needed.
Automation can also be useful for other parts of repeat sales, including creating invoices and sending collection reminders. These things will ensure that you most loyal customers know you care about them and value their business.

#4: Client Appreciation
Once you attract a new client, it’s important to let them know that you value their business. But as you know, it’s all too easy to get distracted in the course of a busy day and forget to touch base with your existing clients.
With automation, you can create a welcome series of emails to ensure that new clients feel appreciated and valued. You can also set reminders to follow up regularly, thus minimizing the risk of losing a client because they think you’ve forgotten about them. You can even use automation to remind you of clients’ birthdays, so you can send them a card or email wishing them a happy birthday.

#5: Customer Support
We live in a service economy and that means that customer service is hugely important when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. Automation can help you do the best possible job of serving your customers and giving them what they need. For example, setting up a customer service chatbot is easier than ever before. Chatbots can handle simple customer service requests, like scheduling an appointment to discuss a new project or servicing.

#6: Scheduling
Scheduling (and remembering) appointments can be a real hassle when you’re busy – and most business owners are! Automation can help you by automatically adding events and appointments to your calendar. Then, it can send you reminders before your appointments. The same is true of appointments with clients. You can use automation to schedule the meeting and then, use it before the meeting to confirm the appointment and minimize the chances that anybody will forget to show up.

#7: Collect Customer Data
Collecting information about your customers can help you do a variety of important things, including:
 Create a content marketing strategy that provides them with the answers they want
 Address problems with your existing products and services
 Target your marketing and advertising to the people who are most likely to do business with your Custom Shop.
 Learn how to improve your customer service

Automated surveys, which you can send out via email or link to on social media, are a good way to get data from your customers. With automation, you can tally the results and analyze them – leaving you free to focus on what to do with the information you collect.

#8: Build a Referral Database
Referral business is valuable because the leads you get from referrals are likely to be highly targeted and relevant to your business. It’s a must to build a referral database that allows you to track your referral sources and make good on any incentives you’re offering to encourage referrals.
For example, you can assign referral codes for online referrals and track them as you receive calls or emails. Then, you can use automation to thank your referral sources and in your lead nurturing as well. You can also automate the referral process by making it simple for your existing clients or local business partners to direct potential customers to your website.

Automation is here to stay – there’s no question about that. The question is what will you do with it? While there are many potential answers, I think the 8 suggestions here are the best ways to use automation to your advantage, attract new clients, and make your Custom Shop both efficient and profitable.

For questions regarding automating your marketing plan, feel free to visit out website and fill out a contact form.

Lead Generation Tips For Custom Shops

In this article, several methods for lead generation will be discussed that you can start using today for your Custom Shop

When it comes to digital advertising, it is very important to create landing pages that your leads can see. Having landing pages tailored to your specific target audience is going to be way more effective than any other page on your site. When your target audience lands on a page made for them, they will get the information that they wanted right away, instead of having to search for it. Try tying that into a contact form for a great lead generation method.

Buying incentives can also be extremely valuable in lead generation. For example, if a person received an incentive for buying a product they needed, this can often sway them to opt in. Then if you provide an additional incentive to choose your business, your lead base will explode.

Do not forget to use consumer reviews and case studies to your advantage. If there is data supporting your claims (aka customer reviews), people will buy from you. Try using relevant studies that can prove what your product can do, such as testimonials from people that have used and liked your product.

You are more likely to generate real leads when you are established as trustworthy. Avoid screaming ads and offers that seem cheesy or too hyped up. Also, keep your offers factual and current at all times. That way you will appear more trustworthy.

Call people who are close to your business to see who might buy from you. You might be surprised, there are many people that may need what you are offering. From new custom work to just a small modification, there is someone who needs what you’re selling, so give them a call.

Local lead groups can really help you get a good start. If your business is hyperlocal, you’ll find that these groups can be a huge help. For instance, while one person may not be able to assist you with a  problem, they can give you the number to the person they use to help you out.

Make sure to target the lead gathering you are doing so people that are interested in your service or product can take advantage of it. Other leads will prove less fruitful. Target people who can benefit from your product or service.

You can speak to folks while you wait in lines or run other daily errands. It is always great to be friendly, plus they may have need of your product or service. One tip is to keep your sales pitch on hold until the right time comes up. Talk to the person and get a feel for who they are. If they seem likely to be a prospective customer, discuss the subject, but keep it light.

Look for subscriptions if you’re blogging. This allows your customers to receive reminders when you make new posts. Blogging also is a great way to help generate more leads from your existing customer base. It is a very critical element of generating new leads for any business, and it does so in many ways.

The size of your budget does not matter as much as a plan that focuses on attaining your goals. Once you have started, you can closely monitor all of your efforts, so you know what is working and what is not. The tighter your budget, the more monitoring you’re going to have to do so that your money is going in the right places.
To really make sure you are bringing in leads, you must also pair up your website with social media. From LinkedIn to Facebook to Twitter, you should try everything available. Try several types of campaigns with A/B testing to learn what works best with your customers.

Don’t push aside direct mail, it can help sometimes. Even though it is easy to be cheap on marketing, try not to ignore direct mail. As fewer businesses use this avenue, you become more noticed in your niche by using it. Test this method to see if it works for you.

This article has shown you how important generating leads can be for Custom Shops. Good leads make for long-term customers, while bad leads just waste your time.

Website Strategies For Custom Shops

Your website is one of the biggest selling points for your business. Having good website strategies for your Custom Shop in place will help to draw in new clients and get them to reach out to you. Getting a website all set up does not have to be difficult you just need to keep in mind the content/layout of your website and search engine optimization. Read on for our great tips on how to do this right.

The content and layout of your shop website is one of the most important ways to get your potential clients to visit and stay on your website.

Here are some website strategies:

  1. Discover who your audience is and what their needs are.
  2. Create a strategy on how to match these needs.
  3. Be unique.
  4. Avoid clutter-y pages.
  5. Show off what you know and your expertise in the subject.
  6. Make it obvious that you have a passion for your company or service.
  7. Find ways to personalize your content with like team images.
  8. Request feedback from customers.

When you are planning a search engine optimization strategy for your Custom Shop it does not have to be difficult. Taking just a few quick and simple steps can increase your search engine ranking.

Here are five SEO tips that can help you get started:

  1. Use bold font for the keywords on your web pages – By doing this you emphasize the words in bold and create a clear contrast so that anyone who skims the page will see those keywords.
  2. Have as many quality links as possible to the pages on your site – This has a couple of purposes  a. Helps with website navigation b. Defines the webpages hierarchy c. Distributes page authority and ranking power throughout the site.
  3. Include links for your visitors to bookmark your page on social media sites – this helps create more backlinks and give your site authority.
  4. Add new content through blogs and keeping your website up to date.
  5. Include a sitemap on your website – This also helps with navigation and webpage hierarchy.

When it comes to your business your website is vital to its success. The pointers shared above can help you get your website ranked higher in the search engines so try them today

Why It’s Time Your Custom Car Shop Used Email Automation

Emails Are Still ‘In’ Today

Electronic mail or emails are one of the oldest telecommunications technologies existing in the world.

In fact, It was in 1971 that a computer received its first email through ARPANET, the Internet’s predecessor.

Half a century later, emails rose up as a primary form of communication, then laid back due to social media, and rose back again as more people used smartphones instead of desktop computers.

The rise and fall of emails helped determine its place among digital marketer’s online strategies. Today, emails are a primary source of leads because of smartphones and push notifications.

In fact, Custom Shop businesses will benefit greatly from email automation. It means exactly as it says: it can handle your email communications 24/7.

What is Email Automation?

If you’ve read up on newsletter’s role in digital marketing, then you understand email’s contribution to driving new sales. If not, then here’s what you need to read before you proceed.

Sending single emails to each lead takes time, personalization helps urge customers to buy from your business. Fortunately, some marketers found a keen solution: segregate your customer profiles and categorize them according to their progress in your sales funnel.

In doing so, you identify the needs and wants of your customers per their journey in your website. As a result, you can create category-specific messages and content that can urge customers to buy quickly.

This is the core concept of email automation. Now, why should you do it?

The Benefits of Email Automation =  Less Manpower

Email automation gives your customers an excellent experience with your brand. It accomplishes this by sending customer-centric emails called “triggered” emails.

Triggered emails include CTAs that attract the attention of specific customers in your tier that encourage them to read more content and take the next step towards better knowledge.

If you have customers who have exhausted all content about Custom Shops in their emails, then you can send them an offer for case-specific content. For example, if majority of your end-content readers are DIY pros, then an ebook on DIY techniques for cars is a great offer.

Email newsletters are excellent avenues for personalized marketing. Therefore, having “molds” of customer profiles in your strategy is an opportunity that email automation can use to improve your conversion rates.

Lead Nurturing Done 100% Better

As we mentioned earlier, emails automation allows you to send case-specific and specialized content guaranteed to add value to your consumers.

You have special emails sent to first-time newsletter subscribers that include interesting and value-adding content. Next, you have emails that engage your long-time subscribers, such as advanced technical knowledge on body work and customizations.

Lastly, you highlight your Custom Shop experience as time-saving and has less risk rather than your customer’s idea of going DIY vehicle maintenance and custom work.

Email automation’s identification of each type of lead you have allows it to do lead nurturing effectively. True enough, good content “softens” your lead until they’re comfortable to talk with your staff. In addition, content that “hits them home” regarding their Custom Shop needs will help them decide on using your services, which leads to conversions.

Brand Authority and Recall

Good content will always add value to your audiences. In addition, it helps elevate in audiences the value of your brand’s knowledge. Consequently, it helps you become a reliable source of information and an authority on Custom Vehicle work.

Therefore, if audiences found it difficult to perform a DIY method, they’ll remember to consult your content or even call your shop to perform a service.

Reduced Likelihood of Human Error

In the past, telemarketers will call consumers. Next, these customers will likely listen for only five seconds before they drop the phone and their interest.

Evaluations for these telemarketing campaigns are often fuzzy. For example, it is possible the customer doesn’t need the product, yet the telemarketer was too pushy.

In one other possible case, the telemarketer might have dived too much into technical details that he or she lost the prospect’s interest.

Email automation removes the risk of human error fouling up a chance to convert a good lead. It does this by personalizing the brand content sent to consumers. In addition, it will never miss its mark when sending the specialized content email at the proper time.

Cost Efficiency

Some Custom Shops feel that email and marketing automation platforms are expensive. The truth is, they’re cost-efficient because they drive up your profits.

Email automation platforms are often a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that requires you to subscribe and pay on a regular basis in exchange for a progressively-maintained product. It does sound expensive.

However, if financial services companies can get email open rates two to three times better than average with email automation services, then chances are your Custom Shop business can too.

In addition, you have a system that generates conversion opportunities 24/7 because of its automatic email-sending algorithm. Now that’s great savings instead of having a shifting telemarketing team do it for you!

Email Automation Is The Key to Higher and Bigger Profit

Custom Shops can nurture leads without needing high investments. With know-how on customer profiles, investing in content creation, and ultimately gaining the trust of their customers, your shop can greatly benefit from email automation.

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